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February 13th, 2004

If we've learned anything from the Matrix Trilogy, it's that everything that has a beginning has a weak and unsatisfying end. So it must be for this little yellow comedy web site.

The truth of the matter is, after four plus years of writing about reality TV, the Evil Dead trilogy, and breasts of every shape, color, and size, quite frankly, we're spent. The misinformants sincerely thank you for reading our stuff over the years, and occasionally even enjoying it.

Although we've officially disbanded as an online comedy tour-de-force, the team lives on as splintered shards of unfocused creative energy jammed into the web. If you find yourself missing us, you can always...

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By the misinformants

Marcus - Wrote most of the Words, Did most of the Complaining

What did Marcus do before misinformer.com? What has he done since? What is he doing right now? There's only one place to find out and not get a restraining order.


Gary - Built all of the Toys, Wrote a lot of the Words, Grew most of the Beard

The launch of GaryFixler.com has been indefinitely postponed, but you can still check out his Flickr photostream.


SPUNKY - Drew all of the Pictures, Baked all of the Pies

If you like Misty Misinformer, you'll love SPUNKY's online galleries of stunning character and concept art.


Timb - Made most of the Music, Wrote some of the Words, Had all of the Velvet Pants

Timb is mere minutes away from becoming this century's preeminent post-modern rock star. Buy his CDs now and you'll be able to say that you knew him back when he was just "Timberly from the block."


Caster - Wrote all of the Playstation 3 Articles, Rested on Laurels

I wrote a blog. Then I wrote a book. Sort of...

Caster's Blog:
A Geek Love Story

Mindy - Did most of the Personal Assisting, Was mostly just There

Mindy doesn't have her own website, but she wanted to share this picture she took of a cute squirrel.

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